Kayaking Increases Vitamin D and Upper Body Strength



As a private attorney, Michael Vereen has been assisting clients in various types of cases since 1988. He mainly focuses on bankruptcy cases, DUI cases, and criminal law. Outside of his professional life, Michael Vereen works with his children as he trains and coaches them on how to kayak.

Kayaking is a sport that comes with many different health benefits, including improving how much Vitamin D an individual is getting. Since kayaking takes place outdoors and the kayak does not provide shade, individuals naturally get plenty of sunshine, and thus increase their Vitamin D intake. However, those who practice the sport need to be careful not to burn.

Kayaking is also excellent for building the strength of the upper body, since the individual is seated and must continually use the double paddle in order to keep going. This requires having pulled-in abdominal muscles while using upper body strength to constantly paddle. As a result, the core of the body becomes more muscular and developed.


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Criminal Offenses Related to Marijuana in Georgia

Michael Vereen
Michael Vereen
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Michael Vereen represents Georgia clients accused of criminal infractions ranging from driving under the influence to marijuana trafficking.

If an individual in Georgia suspects that he or she is under investigation for marijuana trafficking, that person should hire an attorney immediately. Trafficking charges can bring penalties of up 25 years in prison and $1 million in fines. A qualified criminal lawyer can move quickly to limit the range of actions that law enforcement can take when conducting an investigation.

If charged with simple possession of marijuana, individuals still ought to seek legal representation. In the state of Georgia, first offenders found with up to an ounce of marijuana can be imprisoned for many months and be fined hundreds of dollars. After the second offense, prison terms grow by years and fines become much more burdensome. With the assistance of an experienced lawyer, defendants may be able to achieve more positive legal outcomes.

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