Reducing the Risk of Personal Injury Litigation in the Workplace

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Personal Injury Litigation

Georgia legal professional E. Michael Vereen III has been practicing law in the Atlanta metropolitan area for more than 25 years. Michael Vereen is known for his thorough and personalized legal services in matters pertaining to bankruptcy, criminal law, and personal injury.

Employers should carefully consider the risk of personal injury lawsuits and workers’ compensation claims. Most workplace accidents are the result of faulty equipment, slips and falls, unmarked hazards, or restricted access to emergency response equipment. By training staff in appropriate procedures and developing strong health and safety policies, employers can create workplaces with less risk of costly personal injury complaints or lawsuits.

Accident report and emergency response procedures are critical in any workplace safety policy. Companies may also choose to hire professional risk assessors to examine the workplace setup, and to identify and eliminate risks. All employees should be issued suitable safety equipment, such ergonomic office chairs, safety goggles, or steel-capped boots. Potential hazards should be marked accordingly, with restricted access where necessary. Staff should be trained in emergency procedures, and all equipment should be up-to-date and readily accessible.